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Strength and Dignity

1 proverbs 31 25

Proverbs 31:25

Verse of the Day:  Proverbs 31:25

She is clothed in strength and dignity; and laughs without fear of the future.


Carry yourself with the strength and power that comes from the Lord.  Strength to make decisions in your life that honor God.  Live each day with integrity and righteousness knowing that God will supply all your needs until you rejoice with Jesus for all eternity.

Be Strong & Don’t Give Up

2 chronicles

2 Chronicles 15:7

Verse of the Day:  2 Chronicles 15:7

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.


We all have times when we feel discouraged and we feel like giving up.  If the Lord has put a “work” in your heart he will make a way for you to do it.  That doesn’t mean it won’t be hard, because it might be, but that’s okay because God is on your side.  Be strong and don’t give up!

Put God First

1 colossians 1 17

Colossians 1:17

Verse of the Day:  Colossians 1:17

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.


If you feeling like things are falling apart, put God first in your life.  Everything else will fall into place and will be held together by his power not yours.  Start your day by spending time with God in prayer.

Saved from Myself

Psalms 118 14

Psalms 118:14

Verse of the Day:  Psalms 118:14

The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.


I was going down the wrong path for a long time but the Lord never forgot me, he never left me.  When I finally submitted to his calling everything changed, some things got worse before they got better.  At first I didn’t understand why things were happening, but now I see it clearly.   The Lord was saving me from myself, from my own bad decisions.  Now, he is my strength and my song and I will sing of his glory all the days of my life.

Trust in the Lord


Isaiah 40 29

Isaiah 40:29

Verse of the Day:  Isaiah 40:29

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.


Some of us were taught that independence is life’s goal but in reality what we need most is to learn to be dependent on the Lord.  If we stop trying to do everything on our own power and turn to the Lord, if we trust and hope in him, he will give us strength when we feel drained and he will give us power when we are weak.

Verse of the Day: 2 Timothy 4:17


Verse of the Day


2 Timothy 4:17

But the Lord stood by me and gave me strength


Doing the will of God can at times be lonely.  Not everyone will understand or be supportive of what you are doing.  When you feel alone and it seems like everyone has deserted you, know that you are not alone.  The Lord is with you, he is on your side, and he will give you the strength to carry out his purpose for your life.

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 31:25


Proverbs 31:25


Verse of the Day:  Proverbs 31:25

Strength and honor are her clothing; she is confident about the future.

A virtuous woman of God carries herself with strength and honor in her attitude and her behavior.  She is in control of her actions and does everything with purpose and uprightness.  She is respected for more than her outward appearance, she is respected for her godliness and holiness.  She is confident because she knows God is in control of her future.